Diamond Shapes

Though a diamond’s shape is often referred to as its “cut,” this should not be confused with the stone’s Cut grade, which is determined by its proportions and above all its ability to reflect light. While a diamond’s shape is not the only parameter for placing a value on a diamond, it is surely a matter of personal taste that all diamond shoppers should take into account. Here is a sampling of the most common diamond shapes:
Round  Emerald  Heart  Marquise  Oval Pear  Princess  Radiant  Trilliant  Cushion  Baguette  Square Emerald.


Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds comprise the vast majority of diamonds set in engagement rings and are also in demand for stud earrings and pendants. The Round Brilliant accounts for over 75% of worldwide diamond sales.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

An Emerald Diamond is fashioned by narrow rows of facets which produce interplay of light and dark planes on its pavilion and table. Emerald diamonds are mostly rectangular and typify the step cut style of diamonds.

Heart Shape Diamonds

The Heart Shape Diamond contains a rounded pavilion with a unique brilliance and romantic mystique. They are popular as rings and pendants.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

The fancy shaped, brilliant cut Marquise Diamond has a boat-like aspect. When set in a ring the unique form of this diamond gives the fingers a long and slender appearance.

Oval Shape Diamonds

The Oval Cut Diamond has a brilliant cutting style similar to a round cut diamond, though more elliptical.  Like the Marquise, its length brings out the elegance of the fingers. Oval shape diamonds are popular for engagement rings.

Pear Shape Diamonds

The Pear Shape Diamond combines the brilliant cuts of Round and Marquise diamonds, with one rounded end and a narrowed point on the other end. Popular in rings, pendants and earrings.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess Cut Diamond has sharp, uncut corners and its shape is more often square than rectangular. The Princess radiates more brilliance and fire than the Round Brilliant, is more in demand and has a younger style, making it a favorite for engagement rings.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamonds are straight-edged stones that vary in rectangular shape. The cut corners add to the brilliance of these fancy shaped diamonds, which are used mainly as center stone settings for rings and pendants and in combination with colored diamonds.

Trilliant (Brilliant Triangle Cut) Diamonds

Trilliant (Brilliant Triangle) Cut Diamonds can have either a straight edge cut or curved sides (Modified Brilliant Triangle) and give off clear-cut brilliance and fire. They are used as shoulder stones to enhance the beauty of rectangular shaped center diamonds and also make striking pendants.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Cushion Cut Diamond is rectangular shaped with elegant rounded corners, a classical charm and larger facets which increase brilliance and highlight clarity.

Baguette Diamond

The Baguette is a step cut syle diamond, rectangular in shape with longer, more Emerald-like proportions.They are commonly used as shoulder stones to enhance a larger center diamond.

Square Emerald (Asscher Cut) Diamonds

The Square Emerald Cut Diamond is nearly identical with the Emerald Cut, but contains more light and fire. Features are wide cut corners, step facets and a windmill-like reflection. Square Emeralds are commonly set in Art Deco jewelry.