Diamond and Jewelry Appraisal

Diamond and diamond jewelry appraisals are based on grading report results, the approximate market value and the replacement value in the event of theft or loss, for insurance purposes.

At EGL, the monetary value of your diamond or diamond jewelry is assessed by a team of experienced gemologists who are also certified appraisers.

EGL appraisers are independent and have no vested interest in the value of your diamond or jewelry.

Appraisals contain vital information on the diamond, such as the 4 Cs, measurement and proportion, and if necessary on the jewelry setting, including:

  • Gold type and karat, relating to the purity of the gold
  • Condition and finish of the jewelry
  • Manufacturing method – assembled or hand-made
  • Setting technique

Diamond appraisals are provided in both certificate and card form; jewelry appraisals are available in certificate form only.

All appraisals are made upon customer request.