The workflow at EGL Laboratories is divided into four main stages:

Weighing Measuring Type CheckGemological Test

  • When a diamond is submitted for grading it is first weighed using a high precision diamond scale in accordance with ISO calibration standards and Commerce and Trade Laws.
  • The diamond’s diameter, total depth, table, pavilion, crown, height and angles are measured using computerized, high-resolution non-contact measuring systems which assist with the grading of the stone’s cut and proportions.
  • Using a FT-IR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) spectrophotometer, the stone’s crystal composition is determined and its type classified.
  • The diamond is checked by a team of certified gemologists using a 10x magnifying glass and microscope which help determine its clarity grade and cut grade. The color is graded by comparing the tested stone with EGL master stones as well as color quantifying systems.

A plot of the diamond’s clarity characteristics is documented using a dedicated computerized drawing program which precisely generates the diamond’s fingerprint.

EGL Laboratories employs a series of processes to ensure the diamond’s anonymity throughout the grading process.