Diamond Certification

A Diamond Certificate is official documentation of your diamond’s quality and main characteristics: its Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight, which are known in the diamond industry as the 4 Cs. The Diamond Certificate lists all the vital data contained in the 4 Cs, which represent the essence of your stone’s actual DNA. Hence, the sought-after Diamond Certificate is in effect the 5th C.

EGL Certificates

Diamond dealers, jewelers and customers who submit their precious stones for certification at EGL can receive the following grading reports (click on any report for an expanded view):

 Classic Diamond Report

The EGL Excellium Diamond Report  comes with a silver cover and applies to exceptionally well cut round brilliant stones, such as those that display Hearts & Arrows; it includes information on the 4 Cs, Clarity Representation, Light Performance and a Proportions Diagram.

Diamond Mini-Cert

The EGL Diamond Mini-Cert contains the grading results for the 4 Cs and additional grades on Measurements, Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence which appear on the full Diamond Reports, along with a Proportions Diagram.

Diamond Seal

The diamond seal is a safeguarded, tamper-resistant package for your gem that provides an extra layer of security against fraud and stone switching. The EGL Diamond Seal protects your diamond in a hand-held, vaccum-packed container and also displays your stone’s measurements and 4 Cs data corresponding with your Diamond Report, Mini Cert or CertiCard.